It’s not waste! Patterned strips from glossy paper

I have a mini tutorial for you today, and it’s all about recycling! I like to minimise my crafty waste because I feel that all our crafting supplies costs quite a bit so I don’t want to throw them away if I can help it. Reducing waste is also another mantra I have because we are consuming so much in our everyday lives and throwing away as much too. As a crafty bonus, working my way around these supposedly waste items gives me new crafty ideas to work on a constrain so it’s definitely a good crafty exercise.

Today, the focus would be on glossy paper. Now, I use glossy paper as a generic term for the texture of the paper. So this includes leftover glossy coated photo paper, sticker release sheets and even release paper from double sided tape! If you are confused with why I have leftover photo paper, I use my Canon Selphy photo printer, and the papers have strips on either side of the photo that you tear off the perforated lines.

These are things that we often just discard without thinking too much about them. But with some markers and a little bit of doodling, they can be transformed into patterned strips that you can use them for borders, banners, labels, embellishments and anything you can think of!

Here’s how they look after I have decorated them:

DSCN7912editedAnd here are the close ups of the designs:

Stars randomly arranged or in a line
Hearts, dashed lines and decorative edge with decorative scissors

Some tips to work with these glossy coated paper:

  • Photo paper: Water based markers will not work on this surface, so you will have to use alcohol based markers. You can try to stamp on it, but because of the slick surface not all ink pads will dry on the surface so you need to experiment a little.
  • Sticker release sheet: I tried to use markers on the slippery side (where the stickers were), but the ink just puddle up. So I flipped it over and doodled on the non-slippery side instead. I used water based markers here so you can use any type of markers you want. (update: the markers didn’t dry completely even after weeks of putting them down, and will smudge a little, though some of the marks were absorbed into the paper)
  • Double sided tape release paper: The release paper is slippery on both sides, and like the slippery surface of the sticker release sheet, I couldn’t get ink to stay on the paper without puddling up. So instead, I used a decorative edged scissors to make a decorative edge. You can try this with any decorative scissors you might have and give a different edge. If you don’t own any decorative scissors, you can just freehand for some wonky waves or zigzags!

I hope you do give this idea a try and give some crafty life into these waste! Let me know any new ideas that you have in the comments below!

Update: I had problems adhering the strips made from the sticker release sheets and double sided tape release paper using a tape runner – probably because the surface was designed to removed such adhesive easily from the sheets. You should use a glue stick or any wet adhesive, though note that the surface will be slippery when you put it down.

Creative crafting!



My Craft Vault: Hey There! stamp set by Amy Tangerine

I wanted to start off the first crafty blog post by giving you guys a look into some of my most used and most loved items in my craft room. I was playing around with my stamps today when I thought of this idea so the first spotlight of My Crafty Vault is the Hey There! stamp set by Amy Tangerine.



It has some really cute images on this stamp set and I absolutely adore it. It was one of my impulse buys because I was so attracted to it, and I grabbed it even though there was no discount. That was quite a few years back but I like how the images don’t become outdated with time. There are many possibilities for this stamp sets too, as the images can be used as it is or to make overall patterns. I realised that the pictures aren’t very well taken. Perhaps I should try to angle the pictures more vertically next time or try scanning in images. (And no, I didn’t spell “realised” wrongly because we used British English here.)

Supplies used: Hey There! stamp set by Amy Tangerine | VersaFine Small: Vintage Sepia | Drawing Block for kids crafting |  *Note: I am not in any way affiliated with the product links, I just put them in for the convenience of my readers. I usually buy my products in the store rather than online because where I live, the possibilities of online purchase with reasonable postage is low. 

My wonderful world of craft

Hello and welcome to the first post of my blog, My Craft Diary! I had previously maintained a blog with the same name but under a different server (blogspot) and it was actually a short lived blog, because I didn’t have the will then. But now, and many years later, I have finally thought things through and have decided to embrace crafting as an integral part of my life. So here’s a toast to the start of my crafty blogging and for my future crafty life!