Mobile art

I have recently gotten more into mobile art. I own a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which comes with a stylus so it’s almost the same as using pen on paper. Much better than the stylus that comes with my Dell laptop, which wouldn’t even allow me to draw a straight line or write anything remotely like my handwriting. There is good control of the Samsung stylus and the stroke are precise, an advantage I got to experience when I started playing Draw Something HAHA.

My phone comes with the Sketchbook app so all of my drawings are done on that app. It took a long while for me to get the hang of utilising the various tools offered in the app and I didn’t feel comfortable with it until quite recently. Which says a lot because the first time I ever used Sketchbook was like 3 years ago or something. Let’s just say I’m the kind of girl that gets confused without instructions but cannot really stand help pages (instruction manuals are another thing altogether, and so is desperate searching help pages).

Here are a couple of the drawings I made, and I might make more when I think of something to draw.

tree shadows against the colourful sky
This painting was inspired by a recent Amy Tangerine video. I attempted to paint this because it looked so easy in the video and I was glad to find out that it really wasn’t that difficult, though the tree shadows didn’t turn out as nice as how I would like them to be.
black cloud blob against sunset colours
This was a completely random drawing I made. I just picked a colour and then blend in more colours along the colour wheel, somehow ending up with sunset colours. I initially intended to do a sheep shadow but realised that I don’t actually know how to draw that so I settled for a cloud like shape shadow instead.

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