Monthly challenge prompt: Window and doors

For the first time in a long while, I did an art journal page based on Jennibellie’s Monthly Challenge prompt (join the group, it’s free with lots of exclusive videos and crafty goodness!). This month’s challenge is all about windows and doors and this particular interpretation came into my mind:


It’s based on the saying, that whenever heaven closes a door, they will always open a window. And so I interpreted this way (and also what I journaled on the page):

Sometimes, doors look like they are good opportunity lost. But when heaven closes a door, they always leave a window open, whether or not you can see them at first. You just need to be patient for a little bit, wait for the clouds to clear and you’ll see the beautiful window and angel that heaven has laid out and opened for you a long time ago.

It surprises me how much this resonated with myself, even as I work on it. It’s been a long time since my art has been in sync with my journal; often it has just been journaling accompanied with colours or patterns or something that don’t speak the same as the journaling. Hence I hope this can continue, and that my interpretation of this has struck a chord with you too.


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