Monthly Challenge Prompt: Back to School

September Monthly Challenge
September Monthly Challenge

This month’s monthly challenge prompt from Jennibellie’s Journal Workshop is “Back to School”. I actually did this page back in August, using the same prompt, since school started in August for me. Because I am still in school myself, I didn’t approach the prompt in the same manner as Jennibellie (her’s is more like nostalgia, reminiscing her days in school).

Each element on the page represent a part of my school life, both past and present, except for the background which was done way in advance – I just happened to pick this background as the page of my art journal page. It’s just a simple background, with a paper collage, tinted gesso and stamping. The colours I choose for each of the elements are kind of random. I just wanted everything to be a different colour and bright, hence the colours I have chosen from a limited colour palette. I used Neocolor II (set of 15) direct to paper, so no colour mixing there.

On the top left, the “Moosic Notes” was a memo pad gift from a secondary school friend. She bought this in Canada while on university exchange because of my involvement in music. To me, this represents the musical part of me – studying music up to ‘A’ levels, playing in orchestras (then and now), juggling piano lessons with university classes.

Below it, the books represent well, school itself. It’s all the textbooks that have past my hands, all the reference books I have referred to and all the readings that I have to read for my university classes. It is also my lecture notes, and all things words that my eyes see when I’m studying or in school.

The thought bubble on the top right represents daydreaming. It’s all the times that I get lost in class and stare blankly at my lecturers. It’s all the times I lose focus and let my mind wander to things that have nothing to do with the class. It’s also all the times that I get tired and doze off in class, entering my dreamland in the middle of the class.

Lastly, the pencil below the “Back to School” is just a representation of my writings. It’s the notes I write messily in class and rewrite neatly again after class. It’s the assignments I have to write in exchange for a grade. It’s the examinations I have to do at the end of every semester before I get my temporary freedom from school.

That for me basically sums up everything about “Back to School”. It started out because I was restless and wanted to do something. “Back to School” popped up as a prompt because school was about to start (think this was a couple of days before university started) and I couldn’t have done a more appropriate page to the prompt. Hope this does not count as cheating though, to submit a page that was done prior to the release of the prompt even if the exact same prompt was used.


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