Scrapbook Circle September Sketch Challenge

A little late to submit to the challenge but here’s my take on Scrapbook Circle September Sketch Challenge!

20150925_235808 edit
My scrapbook page layout based on Scrapbook Circle’s September Sketch Challenge

It’s not the most well taken photo (my parents took my camera, and how I wish I had bought a printer that is large enough to scan 12×12 pages), and I edited the backing to the layout because I couldn’t get it to not show on the photo without shadows on the page.

But anyway, this is the first time I had stuck to a sketch. I don’t usually start with the sketch, but randomly picking photo(s) that I feel like scrapping at the moment. But the moment I saw the sketch I immediately had the idea to scrap this photo I had wanted to scrap for a long time. I tried to mimic the beach with the layers, so like the sea, the sand and the sky. I originally intended to do a sun up in the top left corner but I got lazy..

Almost all the elements on the page are “handmade”. The “here we go” card is modelled after another journaling card I have but is too big for the page so I scaled it down and scripted with watercolour. If you could tell, the colour I used is dark but isn’t black. I used sort of a midnight blue colour so that it is more cohesive with the colour theme. The volleyball is hand-drawn and coloured with alcohol markers. Despite my limited colours, I was delighted to find the almost exact shade of yellow and blue found on most volleyballs.

The triangle in the top left corner is a white based pattern paper with coloured hearts. Bringing back the white from the “here we go” card and the shirt I’m wearing in the photo. The pinks and reds are also an attempt to draw out the red in the photo as well.

I was having trouble with the title placement because if I go with the horizontal titling on the original sketch I would be left with a lot of space below it which will feel very empty and make it seems as though the title is floating. In the end I managed to avoid all that by forming an arc around the ball. Quite pleased that the spacing worked out too, though now that I look at it the ‘y’ in the ‘volley’ is a little off.

Just a simple design, nothing overboard. Wouldn’t be able to go overboard if I wanted to anyway because it would drive me crazy from all the time I need to put in to think of and make the elements to go overboard with. Still a little reluctant to invest in ephemera packs and stickers and what not because they are ultimately one-use and I find that I don’t have a really cohesive style that I like to scrapbook with.

So yup, that’s my take on the sketch challenge! (Note: you can see some of the other take on the challenge here.)


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