How I usually scrapbook

I thought I’ll talk a bit about my scrapbooking process after the last scrapbook layout I posted. I usually decide what to scrapbook by choosing a particular event/theme and then choosing the photos. Some times I’ll just print some photos that I know I want to scrapbook some day, so they all go into a small file of my scrapbook stuff, where I keep the things I want to scrapbook. There aren’t a lot of photos in there, because I find it hard to keep track and I don’t want to waste by printing photos if I’m not sure I want to scrapbook them or I’m not sure when I will scrapbook them. Many other scrapbookers  also recommend printing out photos in advance which really facilitates the scrapbooking process (see: Amy Tangerine and Shimelle which unfortunately I can’t find the link again).

I like to sit on my scrapbook pages, and spread out the work across several sessions. On the first time, I would pull out the background paper that would make the photos, and then I’ll try to imagine how I want the photos to appear. I’ll also pull out matching papers to mat the photos if I want the photos to be matted. If I still have energy left after all the decision making process (picking the best paper(s) is hard and tiring!), I’ll think of where I want the title to be, and then look around my alphabet stickers stash to see if any of them work for the layout. Sometimes, they don’t work at all, and I’ll have to think of alternative forms of titling, so I’ll leave them be for the next time I look at the layout again.

The second time, I’ll put down the title. Especially if they are not stickers I would need to work on that e.g. drawing out the title and cutting them out, hand stitching or painting them. If I paint my title, I would practice a few times on a piece of scrap paper, to get used to how I would paint them and work out the size of my title. The scrap paper then become my reference when I actually put paint onto the page.

On the last setting, I’ll work out the embellishments and the journaling. I like to work out where to place all my embellishments first before I start to journal, though the journal spot would have already been planned out. For embellishments I’ll just go to my stash and pull out things that I think might work with the layout. I only use a couple of the things I pull out. Sometimes, I will feel like it needs something particular that I don’t have it store bought, so I will make my own. Usually these would be like frames, enamel embellishments or something round. Occasionally these might be layout specific embellishments like the volleyball I created for this layout here. Once I’m happy with how everything looks, I will then stick everything done and the layout is now complete!

I don’t arrange my scrapbook pages chronologically by when they happen, but just chronologically by when I scrapbook them. So there isn’t a clear order in my albums. It works better for me this way, and also its less work. My journaling style is more reflective rather than descriptive of the event so it doesn’t matter too much. This also frees me to scrapbook whatever that comes to mind rather than follow any specific order!

Hope you enjoyed this little sharing on how I scrapbook.


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