Ponderings: Frequency of blog posts

I don’t have a regular posting schedule for my blog. Sometimes I post several at a go (staggered over days) and sometimes I go without any posting for longer than a week. It really depends on how things are like, and if I have anything to post in the first place.

One reason why I don’t have a regular posting schedule is because it gives me stress. I am still in school and we already have many deadlines set from all the different classes. Having a regular posting schedule adds to that long list of deadlines and gives me unnecessary stress, especially if I cannot meet them. I need to be honest with myself too, because posting on the blog is definitely lower on the priority list. And that is also the practical way to go, because I don’t want to jeopardise my studies for my hobby – it’s a serious mark of ineffective time management.

And so I post on the lull days, days when I allow myself to rest after all the assignments are submitted or when a series of hectic school days have come to an end. That of course depends on my assignment deadlines, thus a seemingly erratic posting schedule on my blog.

Sometimes though, I don’t really have anything to blog about, because I haven’t got time to do any creative work. I then spend my lull time creating. I mentioned in a previous post about finding challenges an easy way to kick start my creative work, and this is partly because I need to do something within a short period of time.

Sometimes, nothing gets done because I don’t feel like doing anything at all. I’m not sure if this is common with other people, because this happens to me only rather recently. Like, I never had the problem of absolutely not wanting to do anything when I was younger. I was told that this is mental fatigue, and it occurs more frequently than I would have like. In days like this, I just don’t do anything productive. It’s a very strong negative emotion, being turned off from doing things, and it also doesn’t feel appropriate to blog with that kind of emotions because this blog is my happy place. A lot of what I say are fueled by my emotions and I don’t want to channel negativity into my blog or perhaps worse, if they might get channeled to the people who reads them too. It’s just against my philosophy.

So yeah, that basically sums up why I post the way I do. I’m still not sure exactly which is better – to post regularly or to post whenever I feel like it/have something to post. I know of bloggers who do both, and right now I am leaning towards the latter because I’m more comfortable with it. Ponderings is born out of this too, because when there isn’t anything arty to share, there will still be things related to creativity to talk about.

A longish blog post, but written in response to the terrible week of deadline that is incoming (as I type this on Sunday). Hoping that the week will pass without too much pain. Hopefully, I am well enough to be back when the week is over. Till then, hope you manage to keep sane too.


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