Pen review: Pilot Juice vs Zebra Sarasa Clip

Pens are my one favourite supply that I don’t mind adding and adding too. They are relatively cheap and affordable supplies, comes in many many different colours and also many different styles! There are some fancy ones like metallic colours, ones with glitter, or even those that gives dimension when completely dry. Ah the possibilities! The most common type that I go to are just the normal gel ink pens though, because they are the most fuss-free, drying quickly and has the most colours.

Today, I would like to do a review comparison between the Pilot Juice pens and Zebra Sarasa Clip pens. Before I bought either of these pen, I would always look at the two and wonder what is the difference. They are from different companies but the pens look similar, in terms of the size, and the range of colour they offer. Hopefully this short comparison would give you a better idea of how they compare with each other.


Here’s how the pens look like, and how the ink appears on paper. You can click on the image to enlarge for a clearer look. On paper, you really can’t tell the difference in ink, and both are waterproof. Granted, these are different colours, but the inks are equally opaque and flows well on the paper, making them both good writing instrument. I would say though, the Pilot Juice pen writes a little smoother than the Sarasa Clip pen, so if you like to write fast like me, and tend to join all your letters together, the Pilot Juice pen would be a better pen for you, and it’s what I like better. But don’t just take my word for it! What you can do is to go into a stationery store and try out the pens for yourself! This is what I will always do before I decide to buy a pen. Only by trying out will you find out whether it is suitable for you. Plus you get to find out whether the inks will dry up just by sitting on the store shelf.

In terms of the grip and barrel though, both feels similar to me, having about the same size barrel, though the Sarasa Clip appears to be slightly bigger. To me, this barrel size is rather comfortable, though they would be considered a little larger than most other pens on the market (e.g. uniball, and any permanent markers). You might want to try out the how the pen feels too, because some people with smaller hands might find larger pens more uncomfortable to hold.

Both pens comes in a larger variety of colours, and are sold in packs or separately. You can view the range of colours available here: Pilot Juice, Sarasa Clip. At a glance, the Pilot Juice pens offers a greater range of colours than the Sarasa Clip, but I need to say that the link provided doesn’t offer all the available colours for Sarasa Clip. How would I know this? Because the colour that is featured in the photo above cannot be found in the link. The Sarasa Clip pen that I bought is one of the pastel milk colour, and these colours are not found in the Pilot Juice series.

A quick disclaimer: I do not know if what I have just said about the Sarasa Clip above is absolutely true. No information is stated on the Sarasa Clip pen other than the brand, so I am not even sure what the official colour name is (it might have been written in Japanese though, which I can’t read). But according to what I managed to find on Google, what I have written is what I think is true. And the most likely colour name of the pen I bought is Milky Blue Green. I didn’t have such an issue with the Pilot Juice pen, because the colour is clearly written on the pen.

Both pens are not refillable for its colour range, though refills are available for basic colours that you would use in school (e.g. black, standard blue). They also have a clothes pin like clip for you to clip the pen to any paper or notebook. I don’t carry my pen around so this feature doesn’t mean much to me but it might be a bonus for you to have a pen that won’t slip off when you carry it around.

And that is all for the pen review comparison I think. A final note before I end, I did say I like the Pilot Juice pen more, but I went ahead to buy the Sarasa Clip pen because it came in a colour that was special and I hadn’t seen around before. So moral of the story: Just buy what you like! Be it how it writes or just simply the colours available. Hope you enjoy this pen review comparison! It’s my first time doing a review so I’m not sure if I’m giving too much or too little information. Let me know what you think by commenting!

Disclaimer: The links offered in the post are not in any way sponsored. They are linked because they offer a quick look at the pens. I bought all my pens in store as I mentioned, because I like to try out my pens before buying them, even if they don’t cost much. You will realise that I try not to mention the name of the website I link to because the purpose of the post is to purely offer a review of the pens, and not promote sales of the pen. All opinions are my own.Β 

5 thoughts on “Pen review: Pilot Juice vs Zebra Sarasa Clip

    1. I just tested out the pens – both pens tend to smear if you touch them immediately after writing. They both have quick drying times though, as I haven’t had any issues with smudging when I journal – you just need to take a breather for them to be dry enough not to smudge. That said, I’m a right-hander, so I really don’t know if it will smudge or smear for a left-hander. As far as I can tell, they have similar drying times. Hope this helps (:


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