Ponderings: In love with astrophotography

My amateur astrophotography of the night sky in month of April at the equator. Photo is edited to maximise contrast. You might need to click to see more details and increase screen brightness a little :p

So I really really really couldn’t restrain myself. You know those moment which makes you want to squeal and jump and exclaim and in awe all at the same time? That’s what astrophotography does to me sometimes, especially when the colours call out to me like a piece of art.

Astronomony Photo of the Day has been my homepage for quite some time now, though I don’t always have the time to look at the photo and captions in detail when I open my internet browser. I also have the habit of not closing my browser, but just letting my computer go to sleep, so there are days where I miss APOD completely. But this APOD is so amazing I really wanted to share it! (Click the link, I swear you will not regret it!!)

It’s been a long time since I have carefully looked at the sky. We have been having haze here for more than a month, and it has been hazy every night, blocking out the dim light of the stars. It’s just such a waste and pity because Saturn is in the sky at night, but it’s hard to spot it in the haze. Looking at the photos make me miss stargazing. I’m just an amateur stargazer or astronomer if you would, and I don’t own any telescopes. I am lucky however, that my school organises mass stargazing sessions with telescopes so at least I get the opportunity to stargaze with telescopes every now and then. One day, I hope to travel to some place and really stargaze, in a place where there is minimal light pollution.

I am thinking of using photos from APOD for personal projects, which doesn’t infringe the copyright. I’m not too sure what yet, but I’m saving this photo for the squealy feeling it gives me (and I probably need a better word for that). You can find more APOD photos here, just remember to check the usage rights if you are planning to use them in any projects. I shall not be held liable for any misuse!


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