Trip to the Craft Singapore Exhibition

I was out the other day to Orchard Road and happened to chance upon this exhibition. It was completely random, looking around while waiting for the traffic light and saw the poster for the exhibition on the entrance to the Singapore Visitor Centre. As I had some time to spare, I popped in to take a look! Here’s some photos I took from the exhibition:

ang ku kueh: often filled with red bean, green bean or peanut paste

png kueh: often filled with glutinous rice; curry puff: a puff pastry usually filled with potatoes, egg, meat, and curry
Miniature versions of our local snacks or “kueh”. These were displayed with a personification, hence the “girl” and “boy”. If you remove the “girl” and “boy” you get the names of these snacks. You can hover over the photos for more description of the various snacks. 
This is one personification of our local snacks from the project “Ang Ku Kueh Girls and Friends”. The character featured here is Ang Ku Kueh girl, with the turtle and marking from the kueh on her hood. You can read more about the project here or see the other characters here.
Featuring our uniquely shaped playgrounds built around 1980. They are some of the most iconic playgrounds around, and memorable for the people who grew up with them as well. You can read more about the project here.

The Strangely Singaporean Book.

Chor Lor: dialect for behaviour/acting in a rough manner
A look inside “The Strangely Singaporean Book” which mostly features Singlish, our local slang on English. A lot of these are taken from other dialects, like the one photographed above. I didn’t realise that the photo was blur when zoomed in, so sorry if you can’t read it properly! You can find out more about this project here, as well as some videos on some pages of the book.
Teh: dialect for tea; Kopitiam: dialect for coffee shop
A page from another book called “Chope” which means to reserve. This is a fun little book about Singaporean lifestyle and habits. For instance, for the above page titled “The art of ordering Teh” (which means tea), there are more than 15 different variations of tea that you can order! I had a lot of fun flipping through this book. More information about the book, as well as videos showcasing pages of the book can be found here.

That’s all the photos I have. It’s a small exhibition, so it doesn’t take too much time to get through everything. To find out more about the exhibition, you can read this press release here. For information about visiting the exhibition, you can click on this website. The exhibition runs till 21 February 2016, and is located on the 2nd floor of Orchard Singapore Visitor Centre.

I also ventured into the library@Orchard for the first time. This library has a beautiful design and the is focused on art and design. Did not take any photos as I thought it would be rude to the other library users. I borrowed a few magazines from the library and will be reading them through this couple of weeks. If I find something interesting, I will share them on the blog as well.

Hope you enjoyed this look at the Craft Singapore Exhibition! If you like to see more of such blog posts, you can visit this post on the National Design Centre.


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