Europe Travel Journal flipthrough

I’m back again, this time with a flipthrough of my Europe Travel Journal! I filmed this last month, but took a long time deciding if I want to put it out to the internet world, and to make some edits to the video. This is the first video that I’ve film and uploaded for everyone to see, so please be forgiving if the standards/quality isn’t very high. The original video quality is actually much better, but there was a drastic lost of quality after I rotated the video, something that couldn’t be avoided due to my filming setup. Will have to think of something so that I don’t have to rotate the video in the future!

And here’s the video:

Some basic information for my travel journal: The size is 7″ x 11″, which is a size I’ve gotten comfortable with over the years (my smashbooks are the same size). The covers are made from cereal boxes, and the inside pages are cut from a combination of mostly drawing paper and some scrapbook papers. I used a hole punch to punch six holes on the side and then bound them together with office binder rings.

Just to draw out some points that I mentioned in the video that would be helpful if you want to make your own travel journals:

  • When attaching tags with ribbons, I like to cut a small sheet of craft foam to prop up the tag. This helps the tag to lay flat and neat, as the foam offsets the bulk from the tied ribbon.
  • Have an idea of which parts of the map you want to display before folding the map to the same size as the journal.
  • You can include cut outs from travel guidebooks that you obtain during your trip, especially those free ones that gives tourist useful information and overview of the city. This is especially helpful if you don’t have a lot of ephemera collected from certain places.

This is the first dedicated travel journal I had made, and I am very happy with how it turned out. To me, it’s just such a beautiful thing, and I love it so much. Hope you enjoy taking a look at this flipthrough and I hope you will let me know what you think of the video (:

December’s Instagram 2015

Here’s a look at my craft related Instagram posts from the month of December! As mentioned in a previous post, I didn’t do much art in the month but there were still plenty of crafty things, particularly the arrival of new supplies!

I made this Photobook a couple of months back and it arrived on my doorstep right after my finals ended! Talk about reward for hard work ^^ This is from Photobook Worldwide, and is my third photobook from the company. I have been very pleased with the quality of photobook, and is getting better at making them! I have taken to making photobooks for travel trips because I can get flexibility to size the photos, crop photos, and to add text and notations all in one application, which is a lot easier than handmaking my own travel album.
Studio Calico Ferris Wheel kit
My first kit that I ordered from Studio Calico! There were some issues with shipping so the kit didn’t arrive until months later. I always drool over the SC kits, but could never bring myself to subscribe to them because of the price (conversion rate) and shipping costs. I only bought this because past kits were on sale and I spent a long time deciding which one I want to get. I haven really started using the kit yet but I am looking forward to it!
Carved stamps: numbers
This was my first attempts at carving a number set. I have gotten a set of stamp carving tools from my friends for my birthday and decided to do a set of numbers because I am lacking in a good solid set of number stamps. It turned out to be easier than expected, and I did these five numbers in two nights, spending about 1-2 hours each night. I have since completed the whole set of numbers but I didn’t post any pictures of those.

It’s 2016! And a New Year exercise

Happy New Year to the lovely folks that read my blog! So many things happened in 2015, many of which I was glad it happened. For my crafty life, it has included new supplies (I’ll talk more on this on my December Instagram review post), a new storage shelf, lots of art and art journaling and finally taking up scrapbooking. It makes me pleased to know the great amount of art I did in the past year, even as school gets more hectic and I hope that I can continue to make this much art in the year ahead. In other news, I have been making huge progress in clearing my photos backlog: digital sorting of photos, uploading photos to Facebook, and printing them out. Of course it’s not all completed, but at least I manage to settle years of photo backlog in the last month.

I spent New Year’s Eve at home with my family and boyfriend and I had this sudden idea for a New Year exercise that my boyfriend and I embarked on. We spent about a couple of hours making each other a New Year card, and wrote out messages for each other. I felt that this was a very meaningful exercise, because at the brink of New Year, these messages tells tales of the year past and also hopes for the year beyond. New Year may be an arbitrary delimitation of beginnings and ends, but it’s still a good excuse to reflect on the past year and make wishes for the new one. Perhaps this is one exercise that I will continue to do year after year.

I have yet to make any New Year Resolutions. Still thinking about manageable ones and also nothing much comes to mind. Nevertheless, I hope that the year will bring everyone closer to their dreams and wishes for the future!