It’s 2016! And a New Year exercise

Happy New Year to the lovely folks that read my blog! So many things happened in 2015, many of which I was glad it happened. For my crafty life, it has included new supplies (I’ll talk more on this on my December Instagram review post), a new storage shelf, lots of art and art journaling and finally taking up scrapbooking. It makes me pleased to know the great amount of art I did in the past year, even as school gets more hectic and I hope that I can continue to make this much art in the year ahead. In other news, I have been making huge progress in clearing my photos backlog: digital sorting of photos, uploading photos to Facebook, and printing them out. Of course it’s not all completed, but at least I manage to settle years of photo backlog in the last month.

I spent New Year’s Eve at home with my family and boyfriend and I had this sudden idea for a New Year exercise that my boyfriend and I embarked on. We spent about a couple of hours making each other a New Year card, and wrote out messages for each other. I felt that this was a very meaningful exercise, because at the brink of New Year, these messages tells tales of the year past and also hopes for the year beyond. New Year may be an arbitrary delimitation of beginnings and ends, but it’s still a good excuse to reflect on the past year and make wishes for the new one. Perhaps this is one exercise that I will continue to do year after year.

I have yet to make any New Year Resolutions. Still thinking about manageable ones and also nothing much comes to mind. Nevertheless, I hope that the year will bring everyone closer to their dreams and wishes for the future!


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