A collection of small things I want to share. 

In some stroke of funny luck, my phone died shortly before this post on hands-free photography was set to publish. Which actually means that the post is no longer relevant to me because I’m no longer using an Android phone and have switched to an iPhone instead. I do hope that the post content is still helpful to all Android users though!

I’m not a big big fan of the iPhone, and still isn’t after a few weeks of using it. Maybe I’m the odd one because I don’t think people don’t fall in love with Apple after using their products. That’s not to say I hate it though, but I do already have an iPad, so I really don’t need the same features that my iPad can offer me in my phone. But why did I pick the iPhone then? Well, Samsung note isn’t available (I’m a big big fan of the Note series) and I didn’t like the look of the new Samsung Galaxy. And the other Android phones just can’t seem to compare.

Here’s what I’ve been missing about my new phone:

A built in stylus.
The loss of it has never been so acute when I was out one day and my fingers itched terribly to have a stylus in my hand so I can write/draw something to send to someone. I do have my Adonit Jot Pro that I use with my iPad, but it isn’t really that portable with my phone (or so I feel). At least with my iPad I can just tuck the stylus into my iPad cover bag, but with my iPhone… not so much.

My makeshift tablet input. 
I used to use my phone as a tablet input, through the VirtualTablet app, which is available only for selected devices. Granted, it doesn’t work that perfectly, but at least I have the option to make it work after some fiddling. Now.. I don’t even have the option to do so without paying for it. I tend to use the tablet input for photo editing on the blog, for drawing things like arrows. I did find another way around it, as you can see in the photos from the previous post, but it’s not a direct input from my phone to the computer, so the arrows aren’t as organic as I like them to be.

Here’s what I’m enjoying about my new phone:

The camera.
I still stand by that the iPhone has a pretty decent camera. In fact, all the photos from the last post were taken by my new iPhone, and I find the colours to be a little bit more true when I have HDR activated. Of course, now I’m missing the voice-control function, but so far I haven’t felt the lack of hands when I’m taking photo, so that could mean that the focus of this phone camera is better than my old one. That, or I haven’t taken enough photos yet. Time will tell. But yeah, I think the photos I take now look nicer, so I’m a little bit more inclined to take more photos yay!

Um, I think that’s it actually. Wow, I guess I must be really not used to my phone. I hope this gets better over time as I use more of it!