Ponderings: Write the books you want to read

Recently gotten back into reading – it always start off with rereading books that I have read before. Somehow it just seems comfortable, and it’s always the desire to want to get close to the story again that gets me into reading. The same draw can’t be said for new books that I have no connection to. Feel a little awkward sharing this, but my personal favourite is Harry Potter haha. I don’t think I cant get enough of the books, and also recently reading Harry Potter fanfiction as well. Nothing like a good read with good writing. It makes the reading so much more worth it, especially since fanfiction have a great range in quality.

Writing this because this line is always at the back of my mind, popping up every now and then, perhaps because the Forgetters (if you watched Inside Out) decide to push this from long term memory up. A quick internet search and I found the whole context for this phrase as said by Austin Kleon:

“Draw the art you want to see, make the music you want to hear, write the books you want to read.”

Since you are on this blog, you would know that I have already ticked the first one off. The second one is what I would think is a half tick, because I don’t do it actively, but I have done it before – I used to do classical composing for school and I liked to play my own compositions though they aren’t very mature. I try to make my harmony exercise sing, which is probably why I kind of enjoy doing these exercises. There was even a period of time I made up random tunes and lyrics while I was bathing just for the fun of it, and one of them stuck with me even to this day. Again, not a mature song, but I like it because it is mine. Like how I like my art because they are mine, no matter how immature or ugly they may seem to other people. And the last well, I guess this blog is a part of it too, writing about my experiences in my crafting life, the things I’ve learnt and all that. And also, I’m  finally turning my just-before-sleep story making into some actual stories online! Sort of a side hobby, but reading numerous fanfictions online really got me caught onto this, because really I’ve been lying in bed and making up my stories as long as I can remember myself doing.

What’s my point in all this? I guess it’s just my own surprise at realising that I’m more creative than I give myself credit for. And because of that, I’ve come to love myself, and embrace my many manifestations of creativity, and really, just enjoy myself in my creative pursuits. I hope this quote has inspired you as well, to do the things you want to see in this world.