Making a card series: acrylic gold paint

Nowadays, I like to sit at my craft table and be spontaneous, perhaps what people would call to go with the flow. So whenever an idea hits, I try to go along with it immediately to keep the idea fresh and alive. I also found that this make crafting more fun for me, and even if the project don’t turn out like how I imagine it to be, I found myself still liking the final product because I had so much fun immersing myself in the spontaneity. Often though, there isn’t any expectations of an end, so I live the end product anyway because it’s always a surprise.

I wanted to play with a bottle of acrylic gold paint that I had lying around for more than a year but haven’t actually used it much because I was disappointed with it – it looked so dull and un-gold like. But when I started playing with it I found a surprise almost like magic:

It turns out that I just needed to get the paint to reflect off light for it to turn into a beautiful metallic gold. And hence I decided to make a whole set of cards using just gold paint as the card focal. Here are the cards I made:

card series collage 1 card series collage 2

The pictures were taken with their matching colourful envelopes. As you can see, I tried a variety of techniques and designs. Some used brush strokes while others with a stippling effect. The paint was a little thin so for some of the designs which I wanted to stand out I added in multiple layers of paints.

Hope you enjoyed this gold card series feature!