My name is Wenyi and this is my (mostly) crafty blog! You might have noticed that I have a wide range of interests just based on my crafty interests and it’s true! I do art journaling, scrapbooking, card making, and other random crafts and diys. These are things that I enjoy doing, and they keep me sane while I take a break from school, studying, school and more studying. Well, and also keeping me sane while I take a break from life and the world in general. Crafting is my personal time, where I retreat into a space just for myself and I pour out my emotions into my art and relish in the act of making/doing things with my hand.

This blog, My Craft Diary is as its name says, a diary of sorts of my crafty pursuits and thoughts. I started this blog because, well I don’t really remember. But I know I wanted a platform where I can share things things I like and a blog seems like the best way to go around it. It’s in a way more anonymous because people I know in real life wouldn’t be here unless they know about it (and I don’t advertise this) and it’s also a place where people of similar interests gather. At least I think that’s the reason why you read my blog!

I’ve come a long way since embracing art into my life. As a small child, I always like arts and crafts but was discouraged from my lack of skills and encouragement from my parents. I have never been formally trained in art, so a lot of what I know/can do now comes from experimenting and playing around until I find something that works for me. In a way, I still find it a little embarrassing to tell people that I do arts and crafts because I am not formally trained, but I have come to be more open and accepting of that as part of my identity, and letting people know. It’s a strange feeling to say that I am an artist (though I am more of a art-journaler-cum-scrapbooker) but I know now that I cannot live without it!

To read more about my thoughts behind art and crafting, do view the posts tagged “my craft diary process“.