Listening to Adventures in Arting Podcast

Have you ever had those experiences in which you feel bored out by what you are doing, even though it is something you have to or want to do? I know I get them rather often, like when I’m going through the process of a project (bookmaking, book wrapping, just the more “systematic” kind of crafts) and even when I’m playing video games. At those moment I will feel like I’m not utilising my time well enough, because I feel like there is still a capacity in me to multi-task, that I can do more things at the same time.

For, the magic solution is to listen to a podcast. Podcasts only requires me to use my ears, so my hands and eyes are free to continue what I am doing, but at the same time because all of my senses are engage, I am getting more out of my time than I would otherwise. I don’t usually listen to podcasts, because I’m not a iTunes user so the podcasts I do listen to are from people that I subscribe to.

Today I was listening to Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s Adventures in Arting Podcast No. 37 and I thought I share some of my insights from this podcast:

  • Go with the flow and say yes.
  • When people reject your art, it’s not necessarily because your art is not good, but because it’s not a good fit.
  • Just like how you will look at other people’s work and wish you can emulate that, some people will look at your work and feel the same way!
  • You will always feel less successful if you are going to compare yourself with the things you see on the internet. Remember that what you see have been screened and perfected in order to be showcased to the rest of the world.
  • About keeping your journaling private. If you are not comfortable with sharing your thoughts and artwork with anybody, then don’t post it on the internet where anyone can see them. They also asked the open ended question of how to deal with your art journal if you don’t want your family to read them.

You can find the rest of her podcasts here (it’s a bi-weekly podcast) and I hope you enjoy the podcasts as much as I do!