Europe Travel Journal flipthrough

I’m back again, this time with a flipthrough of my Europe Travel Journal! I filmed this last month, but took a long time deciding if I want to put it out to the internet world, and to make some edits to the video. This is the first video that I’ve film and uploaded for everyone to see, so please be forgiving if the standards/quality isn’t very high. The original video quality is actually much better, but there was a drastic lost of quality after I rotated the video, something that couldn’t be avoided due to my filming setup. Will have to think of something so that I don’t have to rotate the video in the future!

And here’s the video:

Some basic information for my travel journal: The size is 7″ x 11″, which is a size I’ve gotten comfortable with over the years (my smashbooks are the same size). The covers are made from cereal boxes, and the inside pages are cut from a combination of mostly drawing paper and some scrapbook papers. I used a hole punch to punch six holes on the side and then bound them together with office binder rings.

Just to draw out some points that I mentioned in the video that would be helpful if you want to make your own travel journals:

  • When attaching tags with ribbons, I like to cut a small sheet of craft foam to prop up the tag. This helps the tag to lay flat and neat, as the foam offsets the bulk from the tied ribbon.
  • Have an idea of which parts of the map you want to display before folding the map to the same size as the journal.
  • You can include cut outs from travel guidebooks that you obtain during your trip, especially those free ones that gives tourist useful information and overview of the city. This is especially helpful if you don’t have a lot of ephemera collected from certain places.

This is the first dedicated travel journal I had made, and I am very happy with how it turned out. To me, it’s just such a beautiful thing, and I love it so much. Hope you enjoy taking a look at this flipthrough and I hope you will let me know what you think of the video (:

August’s Instagram 2015

I thought I’ll do a monthly sharing review of crafting related pictures on my Instagram account since they won’t appear on the blog otherwise. So here are all the pictures for the month of August:

My first page in my brand new Midori Traveller’s notebook. I bought the kraft pages one because I thought it would be less see through than white and it has sewn binding rather than staples.
First proper sketch that I did and I’m quite happy with how it turned out. Done in my morning journal, which I created as part of Amy Tangerine’s creative handbook.
This was a page from my smashbook, featuring my visit to the Fifty Years of Singapore Design exhibition that I talked about in a previous post.
A sketch of an orange in my morning journal because I feel like it. Couldn’t manage to get a right shade of orange, but I manage to get over it. Did you notice the texture of the orange slices?
Another morning journal sketch, featuring a tea bag. And this is also the point where I decide that I don’t like Chai.
My blackout poem from Amy Tangerine’s creative handbook. This exercise is inspired by Austin Kleon’s trademark blackout poems. It is actually quite therapeutic to be blacking out all the words that don’t matter. Also, I recommend anyone who does creative work to read Austin Kleon! (I read Steal like an Artist.)
A page spread from my Midori Traveller’s notebook. This is like a scrapbook page, but I wanted to work on something smaller scale than a 12×12 layout so I choose this instead.
This artwork is the prime example of what Julie Fei-Fan Balzer would call a creative opportunity – I wanted to mix green and blue with a little bit of white but ended up squeezing out a giant blob of white instead and ended up with this pretty colour that I wouldn’t get otherwise. Created on cardboard packaging, and finished up with some fussy-cut stamped flowers and hand stitching of my handwriting script. This is currently adorning a door in my craft cupboard.