Coloured hole reinforcement rings diy

I’ve always been a fan of hole reinforcement rings as a child, because somehow there will always be some pieces of paper that ends up getting torn off from the file, especially file cover pages or content pages. What a neat girl I am! And of course, my life also got easier each time our teachers asks for file checks and I see my classmates frantically borrowing other people’s file to mark off which worksheets they are missing.

I always used the plastic kind because they are the most common ones but a few years back I found the white paper ones. Isn’t it nice to just have white on white without any reflection from the plastic showing? It works especially well for my book making projects when I wanted the holes to pop a little more. Then here comes the moment I thought of an idea so simple I can’t believe I didn’t think of it earlier. I wanted to label the top of my colour spray bottles, but didn’t have any circle labels at home so I used the white reinforcement rings as a substitute. And I thought: wait a minute, I can colour these white ones and then I’ll have a bunch of coloured ones that I can use for my projects and what not!

Here’s what you need to make your own coloured hole reinforcement rings:

  • Paper hole reinforcement rings, preferably in white
  • Assortment of coloured alcohol based markers

And what you need to do is to colour the reinforcement rings with the marker of your choice! Simple isn’t it? Of course there are other things you can do with the plain reinforcement rings. Stamping on a pattern, drawing with your markers or colour pencils, as long as it is not a wet media. I don’t recommend wet media because the rings get really flimsy after gotten wet (ask me how I know: I sprayed the rings to get the colour labels for my spray bottles), so they don’t work too well as a reinforcement ring afterwards. Though if it is only for decoration purposes, it shouldn’t be a problem the.

Hope you play around with this and create a whole assortment of coloured hole reinforcement rings! I’m thinking of putting up some of these in my shop for those who just want to give this a try but doesn’t want to commit to getting the supplies. They should probably be up in the next couple of days once I claim my camera back from my mum who used it for her travels. See you in the shop then!


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